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“Boss Pei’s view of consumerism is the same. He doesn’t emphasize that some things cannot be bought or one would risk incurring IQ tax. Instead, he emphasizes that one should understand their true needs well.

“Boss Pei thinks that the most valuable thing one can own is focus. Having a reasonable view of wealth would drive one to invest their money into their own focus and do meaningful things to create even more value.

“The idea of resisting consumerism is based on the same principle as well. It doesn’t mean that one incurs IQ tax and falls for the trap of consumerism just because they buy expensive things. The key question is what one’s goal in spending money is.

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“Boss Pei, as a boss, needs to have a certain image while negotiating business with other people. That’s why he spends money on tuxedos and branded watches.

“However, if you take a closer look at those three world-famous paintings, you would find that Boss Pei only has those two suits and that one watch. All of them are of the lowest standard that he could possibly need.

“Similarly, Boss Pei can afford a bungalow but doesn’t buy one. Instead, he stays in a Sloth Apartment, which is decorated extremely minimally to encourage better thinking.

“Boss Pei’s actions are the best example of resisting consumerism. Every sum that he spends is an investment into his own focus that would help him to generate greater value.

“In summary, what is IQ tax?

“Everyone has a limited amount of money that they can spend. With that same amount of money, you could buy a branded bag; however, you would not have any left for investments or education.

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“Thus, whether spending on an item would be considered paying ‘IQ tax’ or being brainwashed by consumerism depends significantly on what that item can bring to you.

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“If you’re intending to negotiate business with others but you don’t even have a decent suit, then you would be unwittingly creating obstructions for yourself. Buying a suit under such circumstances would not be considered paying IQ tax.

“On the other hand... if you’re a delivery man, wearing a suit would make work inconvenient, and the suit could even be dirtied while you’re working. Under such circumstances, you would be paying IQ tax.

“So, we can understand what Boss Pei wants to express through Struggle by analyzing him alone.

“If you want to change your fate, you have to—first—accumulate wealth and resist consumerism, and second, work hard.

“At its core, resisting consumerism is not about spending less money, but about spending every cent on bettering oneself, generating more value, and investing in truly meaningful areas.

“At its core, working hard is not about repeating tasks day after day, being a workaholic and blindly striving to the end of the road. Instead, it’s about making use of one’s focus intelligently, thinking independently, and looking for the right direction.

“You can spend money on games and novels. As long as you don’t become obsessed with them, but use them to regulate your emotions, work more efficiently, and even obtain some inspiration; it would still be meaningful.

“That’s the message behind Boss Pei’s Struggle. That’s the message he is trying to convey to us in real life.