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Komiya was struggling to provide proper context for what he was saying, so he shook his head a few times to try and focus his mind.

He then slowly sifted through his memories as he tried to set up a proper timeline for us.

“Let me start from the beginning. We were in a hurry because we missed the last two designated areas yesterday. After talking it out last night, we ultimately decided to try and close the distance early this morning… It was still fairly dark when we set out, so we were keeping tabs on each other as we traveled, but… at some point, Satsuki said she needed to go to the restroom, so she split off for a bit while Kinosh*ta and I waited for her to finish. Of course, we were using our flashlights to keep track of each other…”

He had calmed down quite a bit compared to back when he first woke up. Even though he was fraught with pain, it was obvious just how worried he was about Shinohara.

“While we waited for Satsuki to come back, the two of us were looking down the slope over there and talking about whether we could use it as a shortcut. Just as I was thinking that it’d be pretty difficult to make our way down─”

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“That’s when something hit your calf, yes?”

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Having anticipated where he was going with this, Nanase cut in, prompting Komiya to nod in response.

“I remember it hurt like hell… But the pain didn’t last long ‘cause the next thing I knew I was rolling down the slope… And then, when I came to, Sudō and the rest of you guys were here.”

Human limbs are by no means invincible. It’s not uncommon for them to unexpectedly sustain injuries at a moment’s notice.

If Komiya had been the only one involved in this incident, then it would be simple enough to conclude that the pain of the impact had knocked him off his feet and sent him falling down the slope he was looking at.

However, the fact that the same thing had happened to Kinosh*ta as well made it seem like I wasn’t quite seeing the full picture yet.

Did she suddenly freak out upon seeing Komiya start to collapse and end up falling with him when she tried to help…?

Whatever the reason may be, the mysterious set of eyes watching over us and the unidentified set of footprints were definitely cause for concern.

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As I pondered about it, I suddenly heard movement come from the top of the slope.

We all simultaneously turned our flashlights in the direction it had come from, but there didn’t appear to be anyone there.