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“If these vendors were gathered in the snack market, it would immediately form a cluster effect. People who liked these delicacies after seeing the ‘street stalls’ would come and taste it. Not only would it create such a gourmet area in the old industrial zone, but it would also let netizens deeply connect ‘Tengda’ and ‘snacks’ for the first time.”

“With the existence of the snack market, people would definitely not doubt whether Tengda can make good snacks.”

“After the foreshadowing work was done, Fish-Catching Take-Out would launch the snack set and allow everyone to taste the cold-faced lady. After eating it, everyone would realize that the taste had indeed improved greatly and the price had also decreased. The originally expensive and unpalatable cold-faced lady had changed drastically and was completely in the same style as Fish-Catching Take-Out. Naturally, the reputation would change!”

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Everyone nodded in realization.

So that was why!

This last step was actually very easy. Most people would also be able to think of it.

However, without the previous foreshadowing, even if Fish-Catching Take-Out forcefully pushed the cold-faced lady’s snacks, the effect would definitely not be good. Instead, it might drag Fish-Catching Take-Out down.

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Therefore, whether an idea would work depended on how it was done!

At that moment, someone asked suspiciously, “But Boss Li, isn’t that double work?”

“According to Boss Pei’s original position, Fish-Catching Take-Out sells daily work meals and healthy meals, while Cold-Faced Lady sells snacks and fast food. The two positions are different and do not form a competitive relationship.”

“However, Fish-Catching Take-Out is also selling snacks now. Wouldn’t the positioning be confusing?”

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Li Shi shook his head slightly. “Of course not!”

“If I’m not wrong, Fish-Catching Take-Out would sell these two types of snack meals at most. That’s the current six more common snacks that fit the general taste and are easy to make.”

“On the other hand, Cold-Faced Lady will provide a variety of snacks. The two are on completely different levels.”

“There are specializations in the industry. The chef of Fish-Catching Take-Out has to make normal work meals. He can probably make time to follow the formula to make a few types of snacks. However, it is impossible to make all sorts of snacks because there is not enough time and energy.”

“What’s more, Fish-Catching Take-Out and Cold-Faced Lady’s positioning are naturally different. Most customers only want one thing at a time. If they want to eat healthy, they would not order snacks.”

“Therefore, it is very inappropriate to merge shops or applications. It is best to separate.”

“What if customers want to order work meals and snacks to satisfy their cravings? This is actually very easy to solve. The Fish-Catching Take-Out shop in Beijing has already given us the answer.”

“Put Fish-Catching Take-Out and Cold-Faced Lady next to each other. You can deliver them together if you order at the same time on both sides. Not only would you save time, but you would also save the delivery fees for customers. That would solve the situation of ordering at the same time.”