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Sensei said while shrugging.

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「I suppose…」

Certainly, it was no use worrying about something we will get no answers to.

If『something』does happen, I have to be prepared and make sure to do everything in my power – that’s the best answer.

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「Thank you, sensei. Well then, I’ll go and try again!」

「Aa, I’m rooting for you!」

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And I entered the world of the soul again. Until the end of the first period, I continued to fight that guy again and again.

After that, the first period passed by in the blink of an eye.

The moment the chime rang to announce the start of the second period.

『FWEEEEET』! Leia-sensei’s favorite whistle rang out in the Soul Dress Area.

「-Everyone! I have a small announcement, so please gather over here!」

Everyone gathered around sensei, puzzled by the sudden call-up.

「It’s a bit sudden, but I’m going to have you measure your spiritual power from now on! But before you do that, let me briefly explain what spiritual power is all about in the first place!」

Then, sensei began to explain in a loud voice.

「Spiritual power is, in other words,『mental energy』. We swordsmen consume this and manifest our soul dress. After training in soul dress classes, you all get mentally tired, don’t you? That’s because it consumes a great deal of spiritual power which is mental energy.」

She continued explaining further.

「And spiritual power is not something one is born with, but acquired through the training of soul dress. There is no limit to the amount of spiritual power, theoretically speaking. The more you train, the more it increases little by little. That said, there is no way that human beings can live for hundreds of millions of years. There is no theoretical limit, but by the biological limit of man, there is a『substantial amount limit』in spiritual power. Well, this is just a brief explanation of spiritual power.」

Sensei finished explaining spiritual power and said,

「Let’s go and measure the amount of spiritual power immediately. Come follow me!」