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“Wow! This is way bigger than I’ve imagined!”

I can hear girls talking near the entrance of the bath. So, I hid even deeper to avoid being seen by them.

I already gave up on dealing with the attention that my hair and look get. Even so, it’s still embarrassing for someone to stare at my naked body.

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Just as I’m trying my best to disappear from everyone and remain silent, I suddenly remembered Amano-kun.

(Right, …he mentioned that he’s not really getting along with the rest of his classmates…)

Honestly, I don’t get what’s he saying since I’ve always lived in the spotlight.

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After I’ve experienced such a vulnerable and defenseless state, I think I can slightly understand the helplessness he talked about.

(Really, you really hate being seen when you’re not confident in yourself…)

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It’s like people staring at my face when my bangs weren’t behaving. From Amano-kun’s perspective, perhaps that’s everything in school for him.

Amano-kun is a very attractive person in my eyes. However, I can guarantee that he doesn’t think of himself in the same way. That’s why he…

At this point, I can’t help but splash hot water onto my face.

(I’ve never thought about this before…)

Come to think of it, I’ve always cared for myself only. When I wish to know what’s on Amano-kun’s mind, all I wanted to know is how he thinks about me.

I’ve rarely pondered Amano-kun’s troubles or frustrations.

(However, Hoshinomori-san and Aguri-san must have…)

Suddenly, I remembered when his little brother gave me a despising look. Why would a brocon like him give me such a low rating? I think…I can slightly understand now.


I’m getting weaker and weaker. …I’ve always been like this. Once it involves Amano-kun, I’ll totally lose my cool. I can’t maintain my confidence and pride to my own abilities, the Karen Tendou that’s upright and straightforward. Where is he looking, what is he thinking, what does he think about me. I really mind them.