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Kei got angry, raised her arms, and looked away.

After she calmed herself, she quickly started talking again.

“If the rumour with me spread, Shiina-san, then it would be harder for you to get closer to her, right?”

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“I see, that’s a possibility.”

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I admitted this, and then Kei stood up.

“I don’t care, whoever you want to get closer to is up to you.”

After saying this, Kei turned around.

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“I’m sorry, we should stop now… talking about this… I want to get to Keyaki mall earlier since there might be boys from the other classes coming as well. In order to quell these rumours, I need to be motivated. I don’t have the time to help you.”


“Since I’ve broken up with Hirata-kun, I want to find a new boyfriend. Got a problem?”

“…Right? So now I have to go.”

It seems like I overdid the teasing.