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Online selling big board tea table to make money?

“Why are you only perceptive in this kind of scene!? You blockhead of a main character!”

“Eeh!? What!? Why are you getting mad at me for getting your joke!?”

There are limits to how unreasonable you can be! Well, he’s probably trying to annoy me by bringing up Tendo-san. Am I that funny to tease just because I’m trying to get closer to the school idol? …No, from an outsider’s point of view, it probably is funny, huh.

Anyway, we both got too engrossed in the conversation, so I changed the topic.

“Oh right, Uehara-kun, do you want this game?”

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At the sudden change in topic, Uehara-kun tilted his head in puzzlement. Reaching for my bag, I took out a game for consoles. Uehara-kun let out a voice of wonderment.

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“Is that Kurikure 3? Wow, you got a copy.”

“Ah, yea, well, I preordered it.”

While Uehara-kun was looking at the package, I lightly scratched my cheek.

Crystal Cradle—or the Kurikure Series for short, is a top-down perspective hack and slash action game. It’s a really popular smash hit with lots of sales, good reviews, and with the release of the third game, is currently in very high demand with low stock. Despite having DLC’s, its price on online auction sites are steadily increasing, and even Uehara-kun knows how difficult it is to get a copy. However…[2]

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I timidly proposed a deal to Uehara-kun, who was eyeing the package in envy.

“Uehara-kun, do you want this…?”