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He probably wants to protect the students who feel unsure about their own capability, even if he can only do so for one. Hirata makes one, final push.

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"Even if the student receiving special treatment falls below the borderline score, can you promise me that you won't blame them for it?".

Hirata confirms it with Matoba.

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"Of course. From the start, we're not expecting anything. If you can uphold the condition we set first then I guarantee it".

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"...I suppose I'll go".

The one who whispered that was Ike.

Hearing that, Yamauchi also said the same thing.

"I might also want to go".

On top of that, the Professor also volunteered. A total of three named themselves.

"Then, in the spirit of fairness, let's go with rock-paper-scissors. I'll have the winning one join the group".

Hirata's also guiding them and just like that, the three of them played rock-paper-scissors.

As a result, Yamauchi became the one to join the Class A group.

And just like that, a group with Class A in charge was successfully formed and leaving behind six students from Class A they headed off towards Mashima-sensei.

It was only for a few minutes.