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“That car will definitely be taken away by a certain baller in the end, and this baller will definitely charge more than 100,000 yuan. After this baller draws the car, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation will definitely make use of the topic to hype it up, using this case to prove how kind their lucky draw is.”

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“However, in fact, this is all part of the usual process that has been arranged: use a small portion of the godd*mn lucky winners to incite most players, and let the rest pay for it. The game company will profit from this.”

“At the end of the video, I would like to remind the audience that there are risks in the lucky draw, and that you have to be cautious when charging. This is not empty talk, because as long as it is a regular lucky draw, it would definitely be an investment with negative expectations. That is not a wise move.”

“If you really want to draw, you should come to ‘Fitness Battle’ to draw props to satisfy your cravings. After all, you can still refund the game freely. There won’t be any losses!”

“Old Qiao, you f*cker...”

Pei Qian nearly fainted after reading the last paragraph.

Look, look, look. Was this something a human would do?

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I don’t care if you explain the rules of the game’s lucky draw and expose the insider information of the industry.

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However, don’t push the blame onto me!

Especially when Qiao Liang said ‘Boss Pei is the one who really stood up to expose all of this’, he pushed the blame cleanly.

At that time, no matter how much influence this video would have, everyone would think that Boss Pei was the real revealer, and Qiao Liang was just a content creator who happened to interpret it.

Wasn’t this causing trouble!?

In fact, Pei Qian had not thought so much about it. He was quite envious of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation’s lucky draw.

The reason why he made it so that players could refund freely in Fitness Battle was so that gamers could refund more and spend less money.

Yet, Qiao Liang had misunderstood him!

Based on the current situation and based on his previous experience, it was useless to clarify now. That was because the gamers had already been bewitched by Qiao Liang, and the popularity of this topic was rapidly rising.