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That was very comfortable.

However, Pei Qian immediately saw the focused and serious-looking players in the training room. They seemed to be highly focused and training very hard.

Pei Qian frowned instinctively.

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He could not be too optimistic; there were still huge hidden dangers!

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This group of players tried out after the DGE Club had become popular. They were very talented and good players.

If they continued to practice like this and their abilities soared, then wouldn’t it fall into the previous vicious cycle?

The DGE Club beat the others in mock competition → the myth of the DGE Club continues → sponsors continue to invest like crazy → other clubs offer high prices to buy players → the DGE Club has a better name and more better players come to try out.

It would be unstoppable then!

Moreover, people liked to try out at the DGE Club as compared to the other clubs because, in addition to the DGE Club’s branding, career prospects were also important considerations.

The other clubs could find ways to lower the price when signing the contract. They were more inclined to sign a three-year-long contract with a lower salary. Many talented players had difficulty playing out their worth before proving themselves in the game.

The club would not sell the players if they proved their worth after signing the long contract so it was a loss to the players.

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However, in the DGE Club, everyone knows that the players would be sold once they proved their worth, which was very suitable as a springboard.