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Class D was able to move forward under Ryūen’s dictatorship.

Now that it had collapsed and they’ve tumbled down to the bottom, they were losing the opportunity to rise back up again.

However, Ryūen’s plan never had anything to do with the class rankings from the very start. Whether you’re Class A or Class D, as long as you had private points, you’d be able to turn defeat into victory. This was why, even in the face of criticism over being the lowest rank, he had no need for agitation.

Class A may be the superior class, but superiority in and of itself didn’t have value.

Ryūen’s strategy was focused on the future. It was an interesting way to fight, but there were many shortcomings. He used force to hold his position, and didn’t seek understanding from his classmates. He looked too far ahead and couldn’t see what was happening around him. These were the reasons that played a part in his defeat and led him to his current situation.

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“It doesn’t seem like we’ll ever be able to understand each other.”

“So it seems. Satisfied?”

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Even though I’d been listening to Horikita’s conversation this whole time, I still didn’t understand what she wanted to learn from him…

“Today might be the last time we’ll be able to speak to each other, so is it alright if I ask you a single question?”

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She seemed to be getting to the heart of the matter.

Was this the question that would lead Horikita to the information she was looking for?

“You’re in a more desperate situation than anyone else right now. If you put a serious amount of effort into tackling this exam… would you be able to survive and avoid expulsion?”

She looked at him with a sharp gaze, daring him to look her in the eyes and respond.

This was the reason why Horikita was talking to Ryūen, even though she had no reason to be concerned with him.

She wanted to ask Ryūen how he’d be able to overcome the near-certain outcome of being expelled from the school.

“What a stupid question. Of course I could.”