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"Didn’t you say you were going to sleep in your room earlier? Can’t see any problems here."

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She herself said it so it can’t be denied.

"I want you to join, but I didn’t ask you to accompany them."

Not understanding the meaning of what I said, she read the written note closely.

"What is the difference…?"

"That is—"

I couldn’t explain in details why I summoned her in the first place. Karuizawa, having listened to me until the very end seemed to have gotten a headache, cradling her head in her hands.

"What is it? You having a headache?"

"Of course it hurts, why, it’s them after— no, nothing, it’s meaningless even if I ask."

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She seemed to imply that it would be pointless to ask.

"Why don’t you ask Horikita-san? Aren’t you close?"

"I can’t ask her. She doesn’t know that I am working in the background, you see."

"Eh? Why?"

That’s a natural response. Though clearing that up is a bit hard. Clearly, the right answer is to evade then mislead. However, towards her, I decided to take our relationship one step further.

"The fact that I came in contact with you on the boat is caused by me acting independently the whole time, including now. The reason I cannot tell her is because I cannot fully trust her yet."

I told her everything clearly with no falsehood.

"Eh? You don't trust her despite spending so much time together? That's weird."

"That is because she is a splendid cover for me. She is standing out on her own."