Is it true that the net stock make money?

Is it true that the net stock make money?

Why did FV Club take the initiative to spend money on publicity?

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Where did the celebrity players of FV Club come from?

Ding Gan believed that Boss Pei had many hidden tricks up his sleeve, but he had not seen through them yet.

All of this was obviously Boss Pei’s plan. It was just a game of chess between GOG and IOI in the eSports field, while SUG and the other clubs were just pawns!

Boss Pei even personally came to Shanghai to the IOI Qualification Competition to enjoy his own set up.

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He was just like a psychopathic murderer who had to return to the crime scene after committing a crime. He would only be able to obtain a sense of satisfaction by observing the situation closely.

Ding Gan suddenly shuddered!

In the end, Ding Gan did not muster the courage to speak to Boss Pei.

He’s the knife while I’m the meat on the chopping board, what else can I say?

Ding Gan had dealt with Boss Pei before regarding the GPL quota. He knew Boss Pei very well.

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Boss Pei was a strategist. He would not make a move unless he was 100%!s(MISSING)ure. At the same time, Boss Pei was a cold-hearted person. Once he made up his mind, he would not change it.

Now that Boss Pei had personally come to the IOI Qualification Competition, it meant that he was confident of winning. What’s more, he would not change his mind even if anyone begged because he had already made up his mind.

Ding Gan knew that there was no point in saying anything now. Whether the SUG Club would be able to qualify tomorrow would depend on the players themselves.

Ding Gan turned around and quickly left the venue and headed backstage at that thought.

He did not want to be seen by Boss Pei nor did he want to inform Zhao Xuming.

At the moment, Zhao Xuming could not help nor did he care about SUG Club at all. In any case, there were only three spots for, it did not matter to him whether it was FV or SUG which qualified.

Since that was the case, everyone should deal with their own problem!

All Ding Gan wanted to do now was to quickly motivate his players. He wanted them to stabilize their mentality and fight their way out of the elimination round tomorrow to obtain a place in the international competition.

Pei Qian did not notice Ding Gan, who was seated not far away from him. He was still immersed in the sorrow of FV successfully entering the elimination round.