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Indeed, she was a rich second-generation heir. What a letdown!

Lin Wan did not care about promotions at all. She could not possibly advance as quickly as if she went home and asked for money to become her own boss.

What Lin Wan wanted was experience and lessons in creating premium games. She wanted to experience working side-by-side with her colleagues. She was happily working on the projects in Tengda. She had no desire to be moved elsewhere.

Pei Qian did not think that the time-tested first-place elimination system would meet with such an unexpected setback!

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Was this the superpower of rich second-generation heirs?

However, Pei Qian would not be defeated by such a minor problem. The cogs in his wheel spun at rapid speed. Almost immediately, he thought of another way to present the idea.

“The people in our company love to underestimate their own abilities. Of course, this is normal. When you’re working with so many outstanding colleagues, it’s easy to develop the feeling that you suck. However, you must believe that you are good enough to take over this role.”

Pei Qian paused and faced Lin Wan with a somber expression. “The role in Shang Yang Games is extremely important. No one else can take it up but you.”

Lin Wan hesitated. “Huh? Is that so?”

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Once she heard the words ‘no one else can take it up but you’, Lin Wan could not help but feel curious.

Pei Qian stood up and took two steps forward. Then, he explained, “Shang Yang Games has been incurring losses. Now that Tengda has bought over the company, we naturally have to change it from the inside out.

“However, we cannot rush these changes. We have to take them step by step. After all, a company cannot change its culture overnight.

“You would be carrying two important responsibilities on your shoulders:

“First, you would become the point of communication between Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games. The person in charge over there is Ye Zhizhou. He is overly cautious. Therefore, you have to make the decision for him when he does not dare to do so. Then, you must communicate these decisions to me. What I’m most afraid of is that they would be afraid to spend money!

“Second, you would be the carrier of the Tengda Games’ spirit. I hope that you can bring the Tengda Games’ spirit into Shang Yang Games slowly. Whether you bring them for team-building activities or increase their salaries and welfare, I hope you can slowly help them emulate Tengda Games’ example.

“If you do achieve some results, it would prove that you have the ability to handle a project on your own. Then, you wouldn’t be too far from realizing your dreams.

“That is why this role would be an extremely rigorous challenge for you. Are you going to back away in the face of a challenge?”

Lin Wan immediately shook her head. “Of course not!”