Is there a reliable typing website online?

Is there a reliable typing website online?

Then, I moved to the schoolyard with the whole class, while heaving a sigh deeply.

When all the students of Class A moved to the schoolyard, Leia-sensei cleared her throat and got our attention.

「Well then, today we’re going to hold a special group exercise! A『real battle』where anything goes; soul dress, surprise attacks, one-vs-many! You can think of it as the same as『Thousand Blade Shadow Festival』that was held last September.」

After taking a breath, she continued with more details.

「The time limit is when the end of the first period chime rings and the area of activity is the whole schoolyard. I’ll say this just in case, attacks that could kill your opponent are prohibited. And one other thing would be, let’s see… If I were to give you a piece of advice, it’s that you should attack the guy you hate the most today.」

Sensei gave a strange advice at the end and finished the explanation of the group exercise.

(I see, it’s real battle type training.)

I put my guard up because she said『special menu』suggestively, but…

The『unpleasant premonition』that I felt a little while ago seems to have been my misunderstanding.

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When I was thinking about that, my classmates developed each of their soul dress and prepared for battle.

「Okay, are you ready? Let’s start the group exercise!」

The moment sensei declared so,


Fourteen swordsmen – that is, all the boys in the Class A, rushed at me as if it was arranged beforehand.