Which platform on the Internet can make money

Which platform on the Internet can make money

「I would like to come here with everyone again next year though!」

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Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai laughed very happily.

As we exchanged our impressions happily,

「Well then, shall we start playing?」

The president opened the bag which was used as a stone weight at one corner of the picnic sheet, and took out various playing equipment such as frisbee, badminton racquets, and volleyball.

「W-Wouldn’t it be a little difficult to play here?」

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This area is filled with a lot of people viewing sakura blossoms, so there’s no space to play.

「About that… There is a small island on “the other side of the Hundred Million Year Sakura”. So we can go there and play while watching the sakura blossoms in full bloom!」

「Oh, there is such a good place?」

「Yes, and moreover, it’s a deserted island! No matter how noisy we are, it won’t bother anyone.」

「That’s great!」

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I’m not very good with crowds because I’m from Goza village, where there are far more livestock than people.

(I’ve been living in the city of Orest for a while, so I’ve become a little more used to it, but…)