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how to transfer money from td to cibc

Pei Qian smiled reluctantly. “Nothing, I just met with some unhappy stuff...”

Qiu Hong nodded. “I know instantly that Boss Ma is obsessed with work and is overthinking. Relax and open your views, you will be happier in life.

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“Did Boss Ma use the three experiences that I shared previously?” Pei Qian nodded. “Kind of.”

Qiu Hong did not continue probing and proceeded. “Alright, let’s continue on to the matter at hand.

“The failure experience that I want to talk about today is that the Research and Development team is not united. That can be seen from a large project where a certain major western manufacturer was forced out.

“This manufacturer rarely got involved in new game types. Their success was mainly based on existing game types. Its employees are experienced players so it is very important to be united in ‘replicating and optimizing the game experience’. “However, once they were to set foot in an entirely new field, such a model would become ineffective.

“No one had defined this brand new game type. Designers had lost their reference. It was difficult for the boss to make up his mind to hand over this project to a certain person. However, no one could be convinced of such a method.

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“Once the project reached this point, the project lost its goal. Talented developers would only continue to argue, modify, and iterate. The project was fated to fail.”

Pei Qian was speechless. He seemed to have solved a hidden danger that might have caused the project to fail perfectly. The project team was not united?

Hmm... there did not seem to be such a problem in Tengda.

That was because everyone would strictly abide by Boss Pei’s requirements. It might be a complete misunderstanding, but it ensured that everyone was united and knew what the ultimate form of this game was.

However, could he reverse the experience and use it? Try to create some inconsistencies within the project team?

Pei Qian could not help but fall into deep thought.

June 27th, Monday...

In the counselor Zhang Wei’s office at Handong University...

“Another donation? You want to add another five million yuan?” Zhang Wei’s jaw hung open as he thought about what to say in response.