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Yunnan online earning software

At Tengda Games…

Li Yada saw the backend figures for Repent and be Saved and then scanned the game’s ratings and comments on TPDb. Satisfied, she nodded.

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Mm, everything was thriving!

The backend figures were increasing steadily. While the sales volume increased, the refund rate decreased. Before, it had been over 20%!;(MISSING) now, it was less than 10%!<(MISSING)/p>

The game’s ratings on TPDb were also constantly changing. Now, it had an overall rating of 8.1, but it looked like this figure would continue to increase in the near future.

The most important part of all of these was that the media reviews would be released in a few days.

In order for the local games media to review this game, everyone in the editing team had to complete it.

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Repent and be Saved was extremely difficult, and the games media staff were but human. Since they could not complete the game in such a short period, they naturally decided against writing a review for the game. Thus Repent and be Saved still had zero games media reviews so far.

If a few media platforms rated the game highly, the ratings on TPDb would increase for sure.

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“Boss Pei can indeed devise plans while in the tent. He has not come to the office for two days, and yet the game is developing just as he expected. Indeed, he is a confident man.”

Li Yada could not help but feel moved.

Once again, she browsed the comments section. It was then that she realized many new, popular comments. “We need English!”

The comments looked about the same, and they came one after another. However, the users posting these comments were different.

Li Yada paused for a moment, stunned.

At first, she had thought that someone was playing a trick on them. After all, they had not advertised the game online. Why would foreigners be interested in it?