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Question marks floated above Pei Qian’s head as he sat in the audience.

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If he did not remember wrongly, this trophy weighed 28 kilograms, didn’t it?

That was nearly 60 jin[1]!

That was for the five of you to lift it up together, you brainless muscle idiot!

Pei Qian suddenly had a very bad premonition.

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The picture of Huang Wang lifting the trophy would not become the latest hot search to become publicity for the DGE Club and Deposit Fitness Gym, right?

Could a stupid trophy also stab me in the back?

[1] Jin is the measurement of weight in China. Two jin is roughly about one kilogram

September 26th, Monday...

Pei Qian decided to go to the DGE Club after lunch and a photo-taking session with three passionate fans.

Pei Qian left a mystery when signing his signature as he only signed one word ‘Pei’.

The fans would definitely wonder if ‘Pei Qian’ was the actor’s name or Boss Pei’s name if he were to sign his full name.