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How to make money online brush comment

Old Liu scratched his head, speechless.

He could still muddle through with other aspects.

For example, if the gameplay was unreasonable, it could be said to be a game trait; if a certain art material was not good, it could be said that the aesthetics were more subjective. Some players liked this style. It could also be said that this was a temporary resource that would be changed in the future.

However, bugs were bugs. If they encountered them, it could only mean that the company’s hard skills were not good enough. The testing team was not reliable. It would greatly affect players’ gaming experience.

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It was really not easy to get over it.

“Manager Tang, this should be a very coincidental bug. After all, as you can see, our game has already been released on other gaming platforms. At the moment, our reputation is quite good.”

“Some sporadic bugs cannot be completely avoided as long as they are within a certain range.”

Old Liu restarted the game. Fortunately, the progress of the newbie guide was saved. He did not have to play it from the beginning.

Otherwise, if it was stuck at the same place twice, it would split on the spot.

After making sure that there was a bug in the cell phone, Old Liu handed it back.

Tang Yishu took it.

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“How about this? If I don’t encounter more than three bugs in half an hour, we’ll sign the agreement and arrange for the game to enter our platform’s first test list.”

“This is the agreement. Please take a look.”