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Pei Qian wanted to walk in, but that was also what the hundreds of people outside the entrance were trying to do. What’s more, the people inside did not look like they were intending to leave.

Many people remained at the entrance of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to listen to Chen Lei sing. As they did so, they raised their hands, holding out money to the waiters passing by. They all bought only one drink but gave the rest to Chen Lei.

Even the shops next to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe were filled. Many people also went to the second floor of the board game cafe opposite Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, just so that they could get a good top-down view of the performance.

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It was a good thing that the road outside Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was not a main road, too. There were a few cars. Otherwise, Pei Qian was sure that there would have been a traffic jam.

Pei Qian was absolutely hurt.

Is this the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe that I opened?

It was good before… it was cold and empty. I could come in and drink alcohol, and sit at any seat I wanted. The entire internet cafe was running for me. I could even incur losses at the same time. It was perfect!

Now, look. I cannot even find a spot to place my foot.

“Forget it, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Pei Qian was speechless. It looked like he did not even need to come back to this flagship store. The good thing was there were several other branches.

Just as Pei Qian turned to leave, a waiter serving guests outside spotted him. He ran all the way to Pei Qian’s side. “Boss Pei, you are here. Quick, come in. We’ve saved a seat for you!”

Pei Qian paused. “You saved a seat for me?”

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The waiter nodded. “That’s right. Chen Lei is waiting for you. Come!”

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Several other waiters came to him as well. They led Pei Qian to enter Fish-Catching Internet Cafe through the staff entrance.