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When I sighed a little,

「Allen, are you okay? W-What is this?」

Ria voiced her surprise, seeing more than a hundred Holy Knights kneeling at the doorstep.

「I’m not really sure, but it seems that Tenshi-sama has summoned me.」

「I-I see… Even so, this is a large number.」

「Ahaha, tell me about it.」

It is a waste of personnel to mobilize as many as one hundred Holy Knights to summon me alone.

From the point of view of someone like me, who is ingrained in poverty, it somewhat feels『wasteful』and makes me feel unsettled.

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(Or rather, how long are these people going to be in this posture?)

The Holy Knights, still on their knees, kept silent, and gave off something like silent pressure.

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「Well, uh… Anyway, could you all please stand normally?」

From a while ago, I could feel the eyes of the people in the surroundings poking me.

The dormitory of Thousand Blade Academy was quite busy. Students who were going out for New Year’s shrine visits, and the students going to their daily training, frequently passed by.

After they saw the kneeling Holy Knights and me, they quickly left with a『makes sense』expression on their faces.

Undoubtedly, it’s another bad misunderstanding

(My bad reputation has gone as far as it can, but…)

Still, I have to start somewhere. The bud of misunderstanding which was sprouting before me, must be nipped off.

(And little by little it will lead to the eradication of all bad rumors… or at least it should!)