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If you look at this situation alone, you wouldn't be able to tell which one's the winner here.

As Sudou, who had been at the line's rear end, stood up, he tried to charge at them since he had already been angered by the capture-the-flag incident. However Katsuragi, who had been in front of him, panickedly grabbed his arms to stop him.

"Stop it, Sudou. This is also part of Ryuuen's strategy, his aim is to provoke us and make us waste our stamina. Besides, by instigating violence, he may be aiming to win via foul play".

"Certainly, what they did was unsportsmanlike but it's not in violation of the rules".

Katsuragi is skillfully controlling the out-of-control Sudou.

So he's not in Class A for nothing. Perhaps he had judged that further provocation wouldn't yield him any results, since Ryuuen turned his back on us.

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"Alright get up, you lot".

Class C got back up right away. Class B also probably wanted to complain.

"It appears we were lucky. Because we don't have to work together with Class C".

Katsuragi said so as though he were relieved and patted Sudou on his shoulder.

"We won, but I don't feel refreshed at all, shit".

I can understand the grumbling Sudou's feelings. We finally won in the team competition but due to Ryuuen's cunning trick, it put a damper on that.

Despite wanting to celebrate, a gloomy feeling hangs above us. Even though they lost, it's not like they didn't gain anything from their fall. The tug-of-war ended and we returned to our own tents.