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What’s more, I always order Fish-Catching Take-Out. I don’t have to throw rubbish. Why would I be concerned about garbage sorting?


Wait a minute—Fish-Catching Take-Out?

All of a sudden, Pei Qian realized that things were not as simple as they seemed. His expression froze.

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The words ‘garbage sorting’ felt like countless daggers piercing his back.

He was in big trouble!

Pei Qian did not notice any danger when he first heard about ‘garbage sorting’.

Garbage sorting was a big trend, and countries all over the world were doing it after all. It might be only 2011 and a little early to do garbage sorting domestically, but there were some advanced developments in this world. Pei Qian had experienced it many times.

Moreover, garbage sorting was nothing more than cultivating everyone’s awareness of the environment and making it a little more troublesome for them in their daily lives. It would not have much impact on everyone’s lives.

Therefore, Pei Qian did not immediately realize what ‘garbage sorting’ meant to him.

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However, Pei Qian suddenly reacted after freezing for a short while.

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Garbage sorting did have nothing to do with him, but it had a lot to do with Fish-Catching Take-Out!

Currently, all Fish-Catching Take-Out had a unified process:

The white porcelain bowls were packed and delivered to the doorstep. The customers leave the leftovers in the tableware for recycling after their meals are completed. The delivery guy would collect the tableware and handle the leftovers centrally before the dishes were cleaned, disinfected, and then reused.

The bad thing was in this ‘centralized handling of leftovers’!

In fact, Pei Qian did not think of this when he first started. He only felt that recycling the tableware would allow the delivery guy to make more trips and could spend more money. At the same time, he could pay more for lost tableware.

However, the situation was completely different once garbage sorting was implemented!

The customers did not have to worry about their leftovers or about the disposable lunch boxes and tableware with Fish-Catching Take-Out, unlike the other takeaways.