What are the new online making projects on the latest online?

What are the new online making projects on the latest online?

“My publicity plan has certain requirements for the sales rules of this downloadable content. Simply put, it requires… splitting downloads.”

Yu Fei was stunned. “Split the downloads?”

Yu Fei might be a novel author but he was a gamer at the same time. He still had some basic knowledge.

How could the game’s downloadable content be split?

Didn’t they all update at once?

Even the updates of mobile games were completed in one go. He had never heard of such updates being squeezed out bit by bit.

Meng Chang nodded. “Yes, I know that this doesn’t match tradition, but this is necessary for publicity.”

“Simply put, the release of the downloadable content ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ will be divided into four parts, or four stages. From this week onwards, we will update a portion of the content and label the percentage of current updates.”

“We will update about one-third of the downloadable content scenes, monsters, and downloadable content this week; the rest will be updated next week and next week respectively.”

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“At the end of the month, we will update the downloadable content combat system and related content.”

“For every part of the update, we will explain to players the current progress of the downloadable content. From 25%!t(MISSING)o 50%!,(MISSING) then to 75%!a(MISSING)nd 100%!”(MISSING)

“According to Boss Pei’s requirements, Eternal Reincarnation will be the prerequisite for Repent and be Saved. You have to buy Eternal Reincarnation first before you can buy Repent and be Saved.”

“Therefore, we need to use pre-order to let players pay in advance. After players pre-order, we will update the content in Repent and be Saved in the first three stages so that players can experience it freely.”

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“Once the fourth part is updated, which is the entire content of the downloadable content, the downloadable content will be divided from the main body. Players can buy the content of Eternal Reincarnation alone. Then, they can buy Repent and be Saved, just like what Boss Pei requested.”

This rule was more complicated. The good thing was that Fei’s understanding was not bad. He figured it out after careful consideration.