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“Does this mean that the current FV team hasn’t completed their team building?”

“I don’t think it’s all about teamwork. Their tactical system and understanding of the game seem to have some problems as well. We can see that their preferred heroes are not recognized as the strongest heroes of the current version. They prefer team-type heroes. Moreover, in terms of playing style and understanding of the game, they do not emphasize their individual abilities. They seem to be out of place with the mainstream playing style of other teams...”

“Does that mean that the team members had a different tactical understanding of this game version?”

“That’s possible, but the game’s understanding doesn’t seem to be very mature yet. The main reason why the FV won the SUG today is because they are stronger individually. If they were to meet a foreign team whose individual abilities do not lose to FV, it would be questionable whether they will be able to win this competition...”

The two commentators were speaking the truth. From their point of view, the FV team’s playstyle was indeed a little strange. It did not fit in with the current mainstream playstyle.

What’s more, this kind of playstyle did not have a very good effect. It overly emphasized teamwork which had certain restrictions in choosing heroes and decision making in the game. That prevented the players’ personal strengths from being fully displayed.

However, these words sounded like complete mockery to Ding Gan.

“What’s the meaning of this? Are they using us to train?”

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“Who are you looking down on?”

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“How dare they put on such an ugly face after winning. Damn it, these people are too arrogant!”

Ding Gan was fuming with anger. It was alright to lose the competition, but using them to train seemed to him like FV was deliberately showing off the strength of their team in his opinion.

What? Not convinced? An All-Star team could do whatever they wanted!

That was the meaning.

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Ding Gan was even more furious when he thought about how he was the one who released the bottom laner duo in the current FV Team. How could SUG have lost if this duo was still around?

However, even though he was angry, Ding Gan knew very well that winning or losing this round was not a big deal. In any case, two teams would qualify for each team. SUG would prevail no matter what. What he really had to worry about was the elimination round tomorrow.

The knockout round was a set of ‘best-of-five’ matches. It would depend on who was the unlucky one of the four teams to be eliminated.

At the same time, at the GPL competition venue in Jingzhou...

Zhang Yuan, Ye Zhizhou, Xiao Peng, and a few other people in charge were watching the opening battle of the GPL.