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When I reacted in surprise at his unexpected words, he also replied in surprise.

I forcefully pulled his shoulders towards me and asked him.

“Um… Amano-kun, are you still trying to win?”

“Huh? No, I didn’t have any medals and didn’t get out of my last bet, so… But since I received a medal from Tendo-san, I’m aiming for a comeback victory. I still have some time left.”

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Replying with an attitude that said, “Isn’t it obvious?”, he took up a posture to put the coin in once again, but I reflexively called out to him.

“Eh, w-wait a bit, Amano-kun.”

“W-what is it? Are you trying to stall? Don’t stop me, Tendo-san!”

Without looking in my direction, Amano-kun looked for the right time to put in the coin as he talked in a slightly irritated tone. Even then, I continued to ask him questions.

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“W-why are you trying to win?”

“Because this is a competition!”

“But, you, you’re not that type…”

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean, ‘that type’?”

Amano-kun closed one eye and carefully aimed the coin, replying to me in a slightly rude tone.

I gulped, feeling a hunch that a big assumption of mine was just about to be overturned, and asked the question that struck the heart of the manner.

“Isn’t it fine whether or not you lose…”