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However…I can’t, I can’t just respond to the poor soul on my own. It’s absolutely impossible for me to just say what’s on Hoshinomori’s mind without her authorization.

“…I’m sorry, I can’t tell you why.”

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Amano touched his chin and nodded imposingly. In reality, he has the right to angry. He’s supposed to be angry. But…Amano didn’t give me that attitude at all.

“Is it because Amano’s a coward…I guess not. That look…it’s like he expected it already.”

Don’t tell me Amano already knew what’s going on when I called him out? I can’t speculate his entire thinking, but at least he didn’t reject me explicitly.

However, that’s why, to be honest, I felt miserable right now.

“…You can curse me.”

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“Eh, Uehara-kun, you have a fetish like that?”


“Well, I don’t have a reason to yell at you then…But…let me think about this just a little bit more.”


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I sat back next to him after I answered.

Amano looked forward blankly as he’s seriously thinking about something. 3 minutes passed.

“…I understand. Uehara-kun, I won’t consult you regarding my relationship too much anymore.”

“Too much?”