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“…Not on the surface.”

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“There’s your answer. I didn’t do anything this time. Rather, you’re the one who saved me.”

“Then it wouldn’t be funny if you got expelled because of that.”

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“Even more so if I got expelled after fighting back like you did.”

This might just be the last conversation we would have as neighbors.

“I suppose.”

Horikita responded dismissively.

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Just like this, the class welcomed the exam in silence.

At least, that’s what I thought… At the last moment, something happened once again.

“Please listen up, everyone.”

The one to break the silence was none other than Hirata. Yesterday, he had engaged in an argument with Horikita, but he hadn’t actually done anything more than that.

He had only spoken aimlessly about voting for Horikita.

Of course, it’s possible that some of the students who admire Hirata may vote against her.

However, that would be too weak for a finishing blow.