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They’re most likely sharing my weaknesses and movement tendencies.

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「Well then, the next one please.」

When I said that and encouraged the students, a female student stood in front of me.

「Exam number 2710, Lou Lorenti. Please go easy on me, Allen-senpai?」

「Aa, don’t worry.」

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After a short greeting, I assumed Seigan no Kamae, and she pulled out two swords with a short blade.

(Is that a short sword? Even so, it’s rare to see a double-sword user.)

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Lou Lorenti.

Light pink medium hair.

Lovely facial features full of charm.

She is a little short, about 155 centimeters tall.

Lean body figure, with young, healthy skin.

She is wearing a white uniform from some swordsmanship academy.

(…This girl is strong.)