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Saying so, Denchok smiled refreshingly, a complete change from the crazed look he had previously.

[Wh, what a refreshing sight this is! After the battle, the man is already a friend! He is going to carry his injured comrade with his own hands! What spirit! You must have reformed in prison, Denchok!]

Certainly, it was a refreshing spectacle to say the least.

However, “Sense of incongruity” and “Unnaturalness” were out all over the place, and no one tried to applaud even though the host tried to liven things up.

“Assistant Instructor... hey, we’re going to the first aid room too!”

“Yes, I must go and see him!”

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“He lost, but I think teacher did his best. We must all cheer him up!”

And the women nodded to each other and tried to go to Shota’o, who was being taken to the first aid room, but Denchok noticed it and yelled.

“Don’t be a woman loitering around a defeated and injured man! Do you want to torment his heart any more than it already is?”

“”””......... Eh?””””

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“What do you say to a defeated man? Did you do your best? Was it close? Let’s try harder next time? That’s bullshit! That’s the greatest insult to a fighting man!”

Denchok’s words cried out so. I could only accept that.

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A man fought with all his might and was defeated. I wouldn’t want the women there to touch me.