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I kicked the ground sideways and dodged by a hair’s breadth.

「Hou, that was quite the reaction speed.」

Witnessing the attack without any hesitation in『killing』, I felt the difference in the『number of battles』and『experience』between us.

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(If I keep defending, I’ll be killed…)

Offense is the best defense.

I dropped my center of gravity and closed the distance with my fastest speed.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

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「-Wind Wall」

The Yatagarasu I unleashed with all my strength was stopped by an invisible wall.


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「Don’t show discomposure during a battle – Wind Cut」

At that moment, a dreadful『gust』shot through my abdomen.

「Ga, ha!」

I felt a tremendous shock as though my stomach had been gouged out.

I was blown back by the unstoppable force, rolling on the ground without even being able to take a defensive posture.

「…Hmm, it looks like you’re plenty exhausted. However, you can pull off this kind of movement without even a soul dress. It’s too good to kill an outstanding talent like you…」 Fu said with a calm expression.

(This is bad… I might not be able to win…)

As expected of a swordsman said to be equivalent to a national force.