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"I'm not naive enough to believe in a verbal promise like that. If Class C ever drives you into a corner, you'll report today's incident to the school. Am I wrong?".


I certainly cannot guarantee that.

Can Class C function properly when they're constantly forced to keep their heads down?

"But what'll you do? What's done is done, Ryuuen".

"Shut up. I'm done fighting against you. And, my own battle's also over".

Ryuuen looked around at Ibuki and the other two before taking out his phone and typing something into it.

And then he slid the phone across the floor of the rooftop where it came to a stop near Ibuki's feet.

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Ibuki, who had been silently listening to our conversation, glared at him. And also at me.

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"I take responsibility for everything. Before that, I'm transferring all my points over to you".

"Huh.....? Ryuuen, you, what are you saying......? Are you stupid?".

"T-That's right, Ryuuen-san! It's not like anyone's going to talk about what happened here so there's no need for you to take responsibility!".

Both sides cannot afford to speak up about this incident.

On the surface, we're locked into a stalemate.

But the truth of it is that Class D is in an overwhelmingly advantageous position and Ryuuen's realized that.

There's only one way to cancel it out.

"Ayanokouji, I'm the sole perpetrator of all this. One expulsion's enough, isn't it?".

"You're being rather serious. To take responsibility for your actions".