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With this, we could secure a win for one of the events.

Of course, there was a risk that Onodera would have to compete against a boy, but her competition times were good enough that it probably wouldn’t matter.

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“When it comes to English, Wang-san consistently gets nearly perfect marks. There are a number of students in this class who’d have a high chance of winning if they compete in a one-on-one environment that they specialize in.”

Having thought he’d be the one to bring the class to victory, Sudō’s expression clouded over a little.

“I’m just a beginner when it comes to basketball, so I’ll simply ask out of curiosity. Let’s say there’s a standard basketball match, that is, a five-on-five, and your four other teammates are unathletic girls. Would you still be able to win, no matter who your opponents are?”

“Honestly, I’m pretty confident I can carry on my own against a team of weaklings… But, if they’ve got experienced players… I can’t say for sure, ya know?”

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“How sincere. Frankly put, I respect the fact that you chose not to boast empty words about your abilities in this situation. That’s why…”

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Horikita was saying this as a preface for what she was about to lead into.

“You should put some thought into it as well. It’d be a shame if we had to give up on a basketball event. So, it’ll be up to you to choose teammates that you think you can win a five-on-five event with, provided that you seek to use as few resources as possible. If I’m satisfied with your choices, I promise I’ll submit the event to the school.”


Sudō nodded, taking Horikita’s words head-on.

And then, he sat back down in his seat to think over his options.

That was the hard part. Sudō is skilled at athletics. While there was no doubt he was at his best in a game of basketball, he could also participate in other sports.

In an exam like this one, he was a trump card who could be used in a variety of physical events.