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Compared to this, it would still have given him more credibility if he had told us he hopes to return to Class A by eliminating Nagumo.

I do suppose hiding the ugly truth and playing the saint is also human nature.

"How you perceive this is up to you to decide but just remember one thing. The students who make an enemy out of Nagumo have all been driven to expulsion without fail".

"Then, I feel like it would be best if I did not make an enemy out of the student council president".

Among the students who have been expelled up until now, there should have been those who boldly resisted and attempted to take down Nagumo. However, as a result, the buds of their objections were plucked and they were driven to expulsion.

If that's the case, I wonder if the best option here would be to get through this without either being liked by him or hated by him.

That was the entirely honest impression I had after the conversation with Kiriyama.

" you won't cooperate?".

"I will cooperate. I also have my own circumstances that prevent me from backing down, you see".

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"Fine, then. Either way, Nagumo's already begun to direct his attention towards you. And besides, in the not too distant future, even if you don't want to, you'll end up finding out just what kind of person he is. From now on too, I will leak information about Nagumo and his actions to you. Of course, as long as it's within the range of the rules. After that the decision is up to you".

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The contents of that, whether I use them to let him live or kill him off, is up to me, is what he means to say. Kiriyama also seemed to have sensed that I was not into it beyond what he expected and almost seemed as though he would have given up halfway through. Even though he will provide me with information, it seems as though he intends on avoiding putting excessive amounts of expectations on me.

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"To be perfectly blunt, the amount of impression you give off amounts to nothing. If it weren't for that relay with Horikita-senpai during the sports festival, I would probably not be here formally requesting your cooperation. As a matter of fact, the very reason Nagumo has begun to pay attention to you is also because of that relay".

That would be the one and only 'truth' that made Kiriyama make his move. If I had known about Nagumo beforehand, I too, would not have done something that conspicuous during the relay. That choice has led me to face Kiriyama like this now.

"Should I ever deem you unworthy of passing information onto, I will immediately withdraw from this".

"If you don't do that, would it mean Kiriyama-senpai would be in danger?".

In response to that question from Karuizawa, Kiriyama did not say a word in response and silently nodded. He must be dissatisfied, this is probably the current power balance between Nagumo and Kiriyama.