Online shopping to make money Taobao Alliance

Online shopping to make money Taobao Alliance

「I agree too!」Ria said.

「It’s a custom of my hometown. Of course, I have no objection.」Rose said.

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「Same for me!」

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「Of course, I agree though!」

We unanimously decided to buy sakuramono, so we headed to a shop called “Sakura Store” which was just around the corner.

When we entered the “Sakura Store” which was just around the corner, a lively space spread before us.

「T-This is amazing…」

Large ornaments resembling sakura trees were placed in various parts of the store.

Colorful sakura blossom petals were studded all over the store.

And that’s not all.

(Sakura rice cracker, sakura wine, sakura folding-fan, sakura sword, sakura towel, huh… Seems like you can get just about everything sakura…)

Sakura, sakura, and more sakura everywhere you look. All kinds of products were designed based on sakura.

「E-Even so, there’s a great number of people here.」

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「It seems to have increased even more than when I used to live here.」