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And with his back on the floor and looking up at the heavens, Rain began to laugh quietly.

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「Ku, Kukuku…! Even after going this far… Even after cutting my life, I can’t win, huh…!」

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The laughter carried a hint of happiness, and at the same time, sorrow.

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「…It’s over, Rain. Obediently surrender yourself to the senior Holy Knights.」

「Kukuku… I’m sorry, but… it’s over, Allen.」

With a heinous smile, he painted a strange pattern on the floor with his own blood.

At that moment, rays of red light shot in all directions.

Strange letters emerged everywhere, and it looked like a huge magic circle which appears in fairy tales.

「W-What is this!?」

Looking around the surroundings – the mysterious red light shone even at the end of the horizon.

It seems that this magic circle was spread throughout Dagrio.

「R-Rain! What the hell did you do!?」

「Fuu… I released all the spiritual power that I amassed in this land since the day I took control of Dagrio several years ago.」he said, with a refreshed look on his face.


Spiritual power amassed by one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle throughout the span of several years – to release all that at once, a great destruction on the scale of a『natural disaster』will occur.