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What game make money online?

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He paused for a split second and added, “US dollars.”

The entire conference room fell silent.

Five hundred million yuan!

No one dared to doubt Boss Pei’s trust in Shang Yang Games. He had placed the company’s trump card and five hundred million yuan worth of funds into Shang Yang Games’ hands. If they failed again, they would not be able to face Boss Pei!

At the same time, to insiders like Lin Wan and Ye Zhizhou, there was more to this sum of money. Seventy million US dollars was the sum that Boss Pei had won over from Dayak Corporation. Could Boss Pei not be done with his attack on them?

Was this going to be the fatal blow?

Had he sliced off some flesh from Dayak Corporation to start up GOG’s international servers, to win over the IOI’s global market share and turn from passive to active?

Was Boss Pei not going to stop at placing GOG at the top of the MOBA game genre in the country? Was he going to fight for more and cause Dayak Corporation to lose everything after acquiring Finger Games?

Everyone gazed at Boss Pei’s dark expression and detected an intense killing aura. Every step of Boss Pei’s plan was lining up to cause a massacre!

In fact, all of them started to feel nervous for Dayak Corporation.

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Dayak Corporation was extremely unlucky to clash with Boss Pei! An infamous multinational corporate giant was now reduced to sashimi on a platter in the hands of Boss Pei.

[1] This is China’s historical name for gold that weighed 37.5 g. It’s a donut-shaped coin with a hole in the center.

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August 4th, Thursday...

The construction in the Binhu District was basically completed!

Block 8 and 9 had 180 degrees curved floor-to-ceiling windows facing the park and the artificial lake. Nothing could be seen from outside, but the scene inside the room was already a world of difference!

The Shundong Gardens Residential-Commercial Building was completed earlier since there was no need for hard installations. However, the changes were not as obvious there.