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Your feelings are entirely correct! You can see things accurately! However, this guy didn’t suspect Ao. Instead, he’s doubting himself. We can see how honest or dumb he is from this.

Now that we got a chance, I decided to help Ao smooth things over.

“H-Hiya, but it’s the same in sports. Once you reached a super-advanced level, some ‘routine ceremonies’ that seems weird become necessary for luck.”

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“Huh! I-I see! Routine ceremonies. …T-That’s deep.”

Keita Amano mumbled to himself quietly. What an idiot. Even though this guy’s brain isn’t that bad, he’s an idiot.

Then, I slowly reached my hand out to Ao, who’s still looking at the title screen with her left fist out. …She’s slightly shivering.

(Ao, …no matter what, I think you can already sense the situation you’re in right now.)

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Ao’s face is blushing hard with tears in her eyes. I let her sit back at the original position to avoid Keita from seeing that look. At the same time, I passed her the reverted controller again.

(Here, press this with your left thumb. The button with the “O” mark. Get it?)

(Ughhh, I’m sorry, Ayumu-san…)

Ao looks like she lost all strength as she pressed the button accordingly. So, after a couple attempts at pressing the “O” button, we managed to push through the game to the prologue cinematics. However, …here comes the problem.

I glanced next to me. …Ao’s already running out of breath when she just pressed “O” a couple times. I guess she’s overwhelmed by the anxiety.

(…I really have to do something right now.)

Even though she’s a newbie, we can make this through if she knows how to hold the controller. I can just calm things down at the side or do some random explanations. I planned to do that. …However, now that I know the truth, I guess I can’t pull that off as well. Ao’s soul will collapse first.

I scrambled my brain for a solution…

During this time, I suddenly noticed another wireless controller on the kotatsu.

Suddenly, Ayumu Kiriya received an oracle!