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“T-That’s fine. I had fun today too… Then I will split my time between these two groups, and join your──"

Phew, I could finally relax. Going by this pace, if the Hobby Group progresses well, Amano will become a pair with one of them── Hmm, strange? Over there was…

"Aguri? What’s the matter?"

When I realized it, Aguri was already at the entrance of Class F. I stopped my conversation with Tendo and asked Aguri, but she seemed to be surprised. She then looked at me awkwardly and greeted me weirdly: “ Tasuku… Gwoo day~~” She then looked at Tendo and Hoshinomori──

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Aguri suddenly turned teary…? What? What was that…

Well, I didn’t arrange to meet Aguri today, but she still came to pick me up. In that case, I should hurry and tidy up──

“Eh, come here come here! Amano-chi! Amano-chi! Hurry up!”

“Ah, alright Aguri-san! S-Sorry! E-Everyone, I have some business with her, so I will be going now!”

Amano who was summoned by Aguri hurried over after packing up. Tendo and I were speechless, while the two person meeting at the entrance…

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“U-Ugh~~! A-Amano-chi~~!”

“P-Please calm down, Aguri-san! A-Anyway, let’s go!”


The teary Aguri sticked intimately to Amano, then left quickly.

Compared to the lost Tendo and me──

Hoshinomori was not surprised by this strange situation at all as she calmly packed her things. She even said something impactful to our backs: