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‘Can’t you tell what’s more expensive? If you really don’t, check with Qiandu!’

Everyone found themselves getting high during the meal as they sped through the restaurant. When they came across strange food, be it nice or not, they would take it away as long as it looked expensive.

Most of them were in their early twenties when they were best at eating. As such, most of the tables had empty dishes stacked tall.

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Pei Qian on the other hand was extremely calm.

Even though it was rare for him to have buffets as such before his rebirth and the food was alluring, he was more bothered with the 500,000.

If he could gain his 500,000, what couldn’t he eat?

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He wouldn’t have to wait for the system’s approval and behave himself so that he could have a good meal by then!

Eating a piece of bluefin tuna casually, Pei Qian’s mind was filled with the 500,000.

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Lin Wan’s attention was similarly not on the menu.

To her, all of those foods were nothing new and she was already long sick of them.

What she was interested about was the attitudes of the employees and Boss Pei!

She saw how happy everyone looked.

Those were smiles that Lin Wan had never seen before on her colleagues at Sun Strike Studios!

Was it because they had good food today?

No, that wasn’t the case.

This was just a buffet that cost around 400 per pax, it was nothing special.

The reason why everyone looked so happy must be because they could feel Boss Pei’s recognition! His character had managed to warm them to a point where they derived joy from work!