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But now, I’ve overcome a number of struggles to the death – It’s not at the level I can’t dodge!


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I avoided that blow by a hair’s breadth,

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「No way…!?」

And landed a strong kick on her defenseless body.


Rose’s feet left the stage and she was blown away greatly.

(…As expected of Rose, that’s a good reaction)

She immediately defended her solar plexus with her left arm.

There’s probably almost no damage to the internal organs. So there should be no problem with continuing the battle.

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As soon as Rose made one rotation in the air and killed the shock, she assumed Seigan no Kamae.

「Kuh, as expected… so strong…」

「Rose too, that attack just now was a close call… Neither your cuts nor defensive movements can be compared to the time at Sword Festival…」

「Thank you… but, I’m still getting started.」

After that, we exchanged a flurry of intense blows.



The sound of iron colliding with iron resounded, and sparks danced around us.