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Mizumi-kun denied sincerely. However, Uehara-kun seemed to have misunderstood something as he started to get anxious.

“I can’t believe you said no…S-Sorry, I’m not giving you the no.1 spot.”

Mizumi-kun is shocked by his reaction.

“W-What kind of rejection is that! Uehara-kun, are you really interested in those things!”

“S-Stop messing around! Who’ll be interested in guys! It’s just that for some reason, …I’m a bit sad when someone robs my no.1 spot of Amano’s BL membership.”

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“That’s supposed to be the mindset of the female protagonist! It’s just that, …yeah, for some reason, now that you’re mentioning it, I feel like I want it as well. The no.1 spot of Amano-kun’s BL membership!”

“Hmph! But I suit Amano far more than you do-“

“Silence, you two! Go outside if you two are fighting over boys!”

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Protests started in the Game Club again. After Mizumi-kun and Uehara-kun cleared their throats, they introduced themselves to each other usually and cleanly.

So, when everyone calmed down, Uehara-kun’s testimony and questioning finally began.

First, Uehara-kun talked about his view of this whole event

“As for the part of whether this counts as an incident or accident, …honestly, I can’t say anything. It’s an incident if we’re talking about the interwinding planning and strategy. Still, it’s an accident if we account for everyone not expecting that ending.”

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“Then, can I interpret this as you’re not going to blame Amano-kun and your girlfriend?”

Mizumi-kun tried to lead the conclusion. However, Uehara-kun shook his head and showed a clear rejection.

“No, that’s a separate matter.”

Uehara-kun’s eyes brightened after he said that. Then, he even clenched his right fist and slammed it onto the table.

“It doesn’t matter whether that’s an accident or incident! The most important thing is – the two…kissed right in front of us. This “fact” is the most crucial part! DAMN YOU!”

“O-Objection! Amano-kun proposed that their lips didn’t touch. I think it’s too early to conclude that they kissed each other-“

“Shut up! Listen here! The most important thing isn’t about whether the lips touched or not! No matter the truth, some people were already seriously hurt from this! In other words, …Tendou and I witnessed that kissing scene and was struck hard. Isn’t this the most crucial fact right now!”