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Nanchang how to make money online

“Hey, you are really…”

This guy was really head strong when gaming was involved. I sat back down in resignation.

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Oh, so I can switch my character when a new challenger joins mid way. Alright...

It’s a good chance, so I changed my character and waiting for Amano. When the match started, Amano’s avatar wasn’t the main character anymore.

When he saw the character I was using, Amano looked surprised.

"Huh? Uehara-san, you switched your character."

"Yes. I was given the option to do that."

"But… You seemed to like the design of the previous character, and is getting used to the controls right? Is this fine?"

? What kind of question is this? Although I didn’t really get him, I still replied frankly:

“It’s more fun to try more characters right? You also changed your character.”

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“Ah, n-nothing! Nothing at all! J-Just that, it’s natural to want to try out other characters!”

“T-That’s true…”

What the hell. Amano’s voice sounded really chirpy. Did I say something strange? Hmm─

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And so we started our second match. Amano was weak as usual as he used strange moves he learned from somewhere that was not really practical… I felt that defeating me was a secondary objective to him.

With such an opponent before me, I had no intention to be too aggressive, and used all sorts of move sets in response.