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Meanwhile, Lu Mingliang was comparatively less curious about other fields. He was a dutiful and unadventurous employee.

One could tell that difference from the games that they produced. Huang Sibo and Bao Xu would try to involve more of their ideas into the games while Lu Mingliang would obediently follow Boss Pei’s orders closely.

He thought about it for a while. Although he was not very interested in logistics, he believed that there was definitely potential for development in all the industries that Boss Pei invested in. Speaking from his career life, the ceiling of a chief planner was obviously way lower than that of the CEO of a large logistics company.

Therefore, Lu Mingliang did not decline any further and accepted the job offer.

Anyways, Boss Pei had said that if he was uncomfortable with that job in the future, he could still take the 1-million Dream Fund and use it on things that he enjoyed.

After settling the two best employees, a new problem arose.

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The chief planner was gone, and he needed someone to step up to that position. Otherwise, the work at the company could not run smoothly.

However, the problem Pei Qian now faced was that those employees that he was familiar with at Tengda Games all had their assigned jobs.

Huang Sibo, Bao Xu, Lu Mingliang, Lin Wan. They had all been assigned to their respective jobs by Pei Qian.

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Pei Qian only recognized a few faces amongst the rest of the employees, but he was unfamiliar with them.

Most of them were working on the execution phases of the plans. They were not expected to report to Pei Qian directly. Therefore, Pei Qian did not have many chances to get to know them.

However, that was not a big problem. After all, he still had the results of the Outstanding Employee Selection. He had the name list and votes in his hands, and that information had a very strong reference value.

It would be too much if he started selecting from the bottom to the top. After all, many people did not even have a single vote. It would be too bizarre if they were chosen.

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Pei Qian randomly chose one person from the top ten list who had an average number of votes.

“Li Yada, you are the one!”

The female employee who was wearing a pair of spectacles with a huge frame and was sitting at her work desk near the corner of the room looked up in a daze. She had absolutely no idea why Boss Pei chose her as the chief planner. She did not know how to react to the news and was stunned.