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“Look, it’s even written on the flyer: Haunted House Nightmare is considered moderate horror. It’s not the scariest item in this haunted house...”

Everyone tried to bluff Teacher Qiao into going in to experience the project.

Qiao Liang was slowly being convinced as well.

That’s right, it’s indeed written that the Haunted House Nightmare is considered moderate horror. What’s more, it looked quite short. It shouldn’t be that scary, right?

However, just as he prepared to walk forward, he saw a strong, muscular man walking out with his face looking as white as a sheet. In fact, he looked like he was going to pass out at any time.

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The few girls who just exited were crying miserably. All of their make-up was messed up.

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“That’s so scary!”

“I’m traumatized... boohoo!”

“We even had to memorize the steps of the game. Why didn’t they just kill me first?!” The few visitors who came out of that project had no plans to visit the Ultimate Horror. Instead, they either headed for the Golden Maze or for the Desperate Escape. It looked as if they did not want to spend another second in that place.

At that moment, Qiao Liang keenly realized that something was amiss.

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That was horrifying! That was definitely not f*cking moderate horror!

However, on further thought, that made sense. To Boss Pei, Repent and be Saved was just a slightly more difficult game. One only needed to think a bit harder to figure out what ‘moderate horror’ meant to him.

This time, apart from Qiao Liang, some fans who had been eager before started to walk backward.

“Why don’t we... go and line up for the Desperate Escape? If we get in line now, we can play it earlier.”

“You’re not already paralyzed with fear, are you? We haven’t even walked in! It would be so shameful to tell others about it!”

“Hehe, if you don’t court death, you wouldn’t die. Why is that so hard to understand this truth?”

“The excuse that ‘we’re already here’ is the world’s biggest misconception! I’m not going to fall for that trick. Not every experience is worth going through...”

The group was getting divided.

When a group of friends who went to an amusement park together, a portion of the group would always back out at the entrance to the haunted house. To be precise, it would not only be because of their fear, but it would also be because they knew better than anyone else just how afraid they would become. “Hey... are you in line?” A voice asked.