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Fortunately, the other films weren’t that interesting. That was how he managed to obtain such a high row piece rate for the premiere of Tomorrow is Beautiful.

“It looks like Ah Wan will be coming home

Lin Chang fantasized about it

February 22nd, Tuesday...

At midnight...

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Pei Qian sneakily went to the cinema on the topmost level of Huanyu Tianjie, wanting to watch the first screening of Tomorrow is Beautiful.

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Huang Sibo, Zhu Xiaoce, Lu Zhiyao, and Zhang Zuting were all not in Jingzhou. They had gone to publicize the film and meet with fans in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Pei Qian guessed that they were in a cinema in a big city, waiting for the first screening of the movie.

Pei Qian had sneakily come to this theater, for fear that there would be too many people in the day and he would fail to control his words and actions.

As long as he was not surrounded by people he knew, he would not lose control of himself and affect his image as Boss Pei.

Before entering the cinema, Pei Qian first looked at the shared phone booth with Modest’s painting on it. There were still people singing inside so late at night.

As he looked at Modest’s seemingly-mocking expression, Pei Qian felt his eyelid twitch. He quickly turned away and walked briskly towards the cinema. He did not want to break down even before the movie started.

He had bought tickets too late so he didn’t manage to find a good seat. He had no choice but to sit in a corner.

Still, it was not a bad seat for Pei Qian.