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“Won’t there be people trying to create a bigger group than ours?”

“Of course that might happen. Rather, there’s a good chance it will.”

Naturally, Keisei already knew as much and agreed with him.

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If Keisei were to suggest that we should go and form a large group, I would have no other choice but to stop him. It wouldn’t be the best policy for this exam.

“Then, shouldn’t we be taking measures to reach out to others as soon as possible?”

“No… Generally speaking, we have to try not to cause any trouble until the end of the exam. We just have to make sure that we absolutely never start anything with anyone in the class, no matter who it is. So let’s give up on the idea of making a large group.”

“So you’re saying… In order to avoid being targeted by others, we should try not to stand out.”

If you were to draw unnecessary attention to yourself, you’d be likely to end up as an easy target like Sudō and Kōenji.

“Besides, we’re obviously not a suitable group for that kind of strategy.”

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“Well, I guess so.”

Keisei concluded that we should avoid creating a large group.

I was thankful that the entire group, Haruka included, had reached a consensus.

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It was nice to see that there was no longer any possibility of one of them getting caught up in my strategy and being put at a disadvantage.

“However, if you’re personally invited into another group, I think it’d be alright for you to accept the invitation. It’d be a valuable way for you to avoid being targeted by censure votes.”

Even though we had agreed to keep our praise votes within the Ayanokōji Group, that was still only three votes per person.

It would be all the more profitable for us if we could stay on good terms with the other groups and avoid censure votes.

“But won’t that be difficult? One of the original reasons we grouped together is because we aren’t able to do that sort of thing.”