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“…Sorry, I don’t know whether my score’s good enough since I never played it before. …What do you two think?”

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Even for Amano-kun and I, we’re not too sure of the score standards of a game we played a few years ago. Although we don’t remember…

Amano-kun still answered Mizumi-kun.

“Let’s forget whether it’s fantastic or not. Anyway, the record is really inside. Look, games like this will usually let the player create a name with three letters. All of the record holders are named < MAI>. All of the high score players are named < COM > in a row, if I remembered correctly. Also, their scores would be in integers…”

“Ah, I understand. This means that it’s almost certain that this is the last club’s record. However, the problem is…”

“Yes, we’re not sure how good this score is. …The standard is kind of vague.”

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After Amano-kun sighed, -I closed the score record screen. Then, I returned to the title screen and selected < New Game > as I suggested to them.

“Can I spend some time beating the game? I think it should take less than an hour if I skipped all of the plots…”

Both of them immediately nodded and answered. “Of course.” It looks like they are just as interested in the last club’s skill as I do.

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After I thanked the two, I took a deep breath and started the game…under ultra concentration.

So, around 40 minutes passed after that.

“Phew, …it’s done.”

“Tendou-san, you’re amazing!”

I withdrew from my concentrated state and wiped the sweats on my forehead. Amano-kun cheered me up with a smile.

“Shooting games like this only allows you to challenge a high score after remembering the pattern. I didn’t expect you to pass it with no deaths on the first try!”

“Thanks. Sigh, I did already forget all of the levels. …However, I managed to get my feel back in the middle. I was surprised at how fast I picked up the pace too.”

After I smiled, Mizumi-kun nodded and answered.