What make money on the regular online

What make money on the regular online

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“That’s because everyone knows that most search engines find things that are a pile of rubbish. There is very little useful information in it, and users rarely click in to read them.

“Moreover, this is not a problem that can be solved by the optimization function since the search engine itself cannot solve it. It can only be said that there is too much rubbish on the Internet. When searching for a specific problem, it is simply ‘gold in the sh*t’. How can the search engine be optimized? To improve efficiency, it is also difficult to provide users with sufficiently accurate and useful knowledge.

“However, what if we link this function with the content of Useful App?

“Imagine it, that will become the core competitiveness of AEEIS’s artificial intelligence!

“In the future, Useful App will actually be able to give the best solution if there is already a lot of information on the app.

“Furthermore, Useful App is also an industry of Boss Pei’s, and we can only provide them to AEEIS for use—which will clearly distinguish us from other artificial intelligence assistants.

“At that time, other artificial intelligence assistants will be ‘artificially retarded’ and can only find a pile of rubbish while AEEIS has a strong knowledge base as support. The experience is definitely much better than other artificial intelligence!

“Isn’t this the core competitiveness?

“The best thing was that the original intention of AEEIS was an ‘efficient and labor-saving intelligent system’. It uses mechanical sounds and answers most users’ questions in a very precise and concise way. This is how its personality settings are.

“Does it sound like a ‘mechanical top student’?

“This point is exactly in line with the characteristics of Useful App since its information would be accurate, concise, and efficient knowledge. The combination of the two can be said to be a match made in heaven!

“Useful APP, if used properly, can become the brain of AEEIS, making it smarter than all competitors!”

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Yu Pingan suddenly said, “That’s it! It really makes sense!

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Yu Pingan hesitated and said, “Currently, there is too little content on Useful APP. I am afraid it is difficult to meet this requirement.

“We all say that search engines are not easy to use and wiki contents are garbage, but we have to admit that they started too much earlier than us. What’s more, search engines search for the entire network content, which is large enough.

“And if the content on Useful App wants to reach this level, it will take a few years at the earliest...”

Chang You nodded: “I understand, so we have to make different characteristics for each stage.